Skoff grew up in a modest neighborhood, just outside of Chicago.  He learned quickly that if you want something, you need to work for it. This work ethic shows through, not only in the art but also in the way it is made and how he has made a career out it.  In a few short years after choosing to go full time, Skoff went from unknown to internationally known and collected. His work continues to grow in value and is now in private collections all over the world including many of Hollywood's biggest stars. Skoff also enjoys painting live and has opened for stars such Carly Rae Jepsen, Calvin Harris and more.  Although some of Skoff's art uses techniques from art history's biggest names, his influences are mostly living artists popular in the90's.  Having such a wide range styles makes it hard to pick a dominate one to describe his work, but one of his most well known are the CMYK dot paintings. These giant pieces are created using only four sharpie markers yet there is no doubt they are fine art. 


PGOS (pronounced Pee Gohs) has been known forquite some time in the underground art world for doing what he does best. Simply making things more fun by Putting Glasses On Stuff. PGOS's passion for life and drive to succeed is a perfect fit for the Skoff Studios crew.


Pijen's motivation comes from the struggle that most street artists face when following their dream. Much like the common Pigeon seen as a nuisance in every city around the world. So is Street Art. Yet when you really research the good that Pigeons and Street Art have brought to the world they don't get the credit they deserve.


XeroX (pronounced Hero X) is a bit of mystery and prefers to communicate through re-purposed print. Whether its a New York Times or small town "Daily", the choice of paper and classic cartoon hero is no accident. The end result is always intriguing and holds more than what initially meets the eye.