Skoff Studios was created to provide a family type atmosphere for emerging artists to become professionals.  This studio is the brain child of visual artist Patrick Skoff.  Skoff built his art career from the ground up so he personally knows the struggle an artist will go through from making the first sale to performing live in front of thousands. While on his journey to success he met many talented artists and many more people wanting to buy original artwork, direct from the artist.  As the years went by Skoff noticed something. The traditional paths for artists to grow a career are outdated and end up causing more harm to an new art career than benefit.  Street fairs and pop up shows charge artists thousands of dollars to show their work in a flimsy tent outside with no promise of sales or true exposure. Traditional galleries take up to 60% of an artist's money without investing any of their own money in the artist. Pop up shows charge artists for each piece they want to hang.  All these companies are just using the artist to make money.  Skoff Studios is changing this. We believe an emerging artist with talent and the drive to work hard is an asset.  Our goal is to invest our time and energy to set a new tone for the art industry that respects and cherishes the artist. Your investment in any Skoff Studios artist benefits our mission to create new paths for the future of art.